Thoughts on Peer Review

I believe that peer review is an important part of the writing process, as it not only lets students get feedback from their peers, but it also allows them to see the various approaches that their classmates are taking for the same assignment. This will expose them to a variety of writing styles, dialects, and voices, which will help them to see that there are many ways to approach writing.

I also firmly believe in mixing up the format for peer review. Not only is peer review not a “one size fits all” procedure, I also believe that once students become used to a format it is very easy for them to disengage and simply go through the motions. For this reason, I will have them do oral peer review, traditional peer review, speed dating peer review, as well as any others that I come across and can adapt to be used in our specific context and for the specific assignments they are working on. I believe that by switching it up and keeping the students on their toes I can keep these peer review sessions focused and productive.


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